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Meaning for your Name - F

FAAS   m   Dutch
Dutch short form of BONIFAAS or SERVAAS.
FÁBIA   f   Portuguese
Portuguese feminine form of FABIUS
FABIA   f   ItalianAncient Roman
Feminine form of FABIUS
FÁBIÁN   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIAN   m   GermanDutchPolishHistory
From the Roman cognomen Fabianus, which was derived from FABIUS... [more]
FABIANA   f   ItalianSpanishPortugueseAncient Roman
Feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIANO   m   ItalianPortuguese
Italian and Portuguese form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
Original Latin form of FABIAN
FABIEN   m   French
French form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIENNE   f   French
French feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIJAN   m   CroatianSlovene
Croatian and Slovene form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FÁBIO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of FABIUS
FABIO   m   ItalianSpanish
Italian and Spanish form of FABIUS
FABIOLA   f   ItalianSpanishFrenchGermanAncient Roman
Diminutive of FABIA... [more]
FABIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman family name which was derived from Latin faba "bean"... [more]
FABÓ   m   Hungarian
Diminutive of FÁBIÁN
FABRICE   m   French
French form of the Roman family name Fabricius, which was derived from Latin faber "craftsman"... [more]
FABRICIA   f   Ancient Roman
Feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRICIO   m   SpanishPortuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRICIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Original Latin form of FABRICE
FABRIZIA   f   Italian
Italian feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRIZIO   m   Italian
Italian form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FACHTNA   m   IrishIrish Mythology
Perhaps means "hostile" in Irish Gaelic... [more]
FADDEI   m   Russian
Variant transcription of FADDEY
FADDEY   m   Russian
Russian form of THADDEUS
FADI   m   Arabic
Means "saviour" in Arabic... [more]
FADIA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FADI
FADIL   m   Arabic
Means "virtuous, generous" in Arabic.
FADILA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FADIL
FADL   m   Arabic
Means "grace, generosity" in Arabic... [more]
FAE   f   English
Variant of FAY
FÁELÁN   m   Ancient Irish
Older form of FAOLÁN
FAHD   m   Arabic
Means "panther" in Arabic.
FAHIM   m   Arabic
Means "intelligent, scholar" in Arabic.
FAHIMA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAHIM
FAHMIDA   f   PakistaniUrdu
Urdu feminine form of FAHIM
FAHRİ   m   Turkish
Means "volunteer" in Turkish.
FAIGA   f   Yiddish
Variant of FAIGEL
FAIGEL   f   Yiddish
Derived from Yiddish פֵײגֶל (feigel) meaning "bird".
FAINA   f   Russian
Meaning unknown, possibly derived from PHAENNA.
FAIRUZ   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAYRUZ
FAIRUZA   f   Iranian
Variant transcription of FIRUZEH
FAITH   f   English
Simply from the English word faith, ultimately from Latin fidere "to trust"... [more]
FAITHE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of FAITH
FAIVISH   m   Yiddish
Yiddish form of PHOEBUS
FAIZ   m   Arabic
Means "victorious" in Arabic.
FAIZA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAIZ
FAIZEL   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAYSAL
FAJR   f   Arabic
Means "dawn, beginning" in Arabic.
FAJRA   f   Esperanto
Means "fiery" in Esperanto.
FAKHRI   m   Arabic
Means "honourary" in Arabic.
FAKHRIYYA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAKHRI
FALK   m   GermanYiddish
Means "falcon" in German and Yiddish.
FALLON   f   English (Modern)
From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Fallamhain meaning "descendent of Fallamhan"... [more]
FANCY   f   English (Rare)
From the English word fancy which means either "like, love, inclination" or "ornamental"... [more]
FANE   m   Romanian
Diminutive of ȘTEFAN
FANNAR   m   Icelandic
Possibly derived from Old Norse fönn meaning "snow drift".
FANNI   f   FinnishHungarian
Finnish diminutive of FRANCISCA and a Hungarian diminutive of FRANCISKA or STEFÁNIA.
FANNIE   f   English
Variant of FANNY
FANNY   f   EnglishFinnish
Diminutive of FRANCES... [more]
FANTINE   f   Literature
This name was used by Victor Hugo for the mother of Cosette in his novel 'Les Misérables' (1862)... [more]
FAOLÁN   m   Irish
Means "little wolf", derived from Gaelic fáel "wolf" combined with a diminutive suffix... [more]
FARAG   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARAJ
FARAH   m & f   Arabic
Means "joy" in Arabic.
FARAI   m & f   Southern AfricanShona
Means "rejoice" in Shona.
FARAJ   m   Arabic
Means "remedy" or "improvement" in Arabic.
FARAJI   m   Eastern AfricanSwahili
Means "consolation" in Swahili.
FARAMOND   m   History
Variant of FARAMUND
FARAMUND   m   Ancient Germanic
Derived from the Germanic elements fara "journey" and mund "protection"... [more]
FAREED   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARID
FARID   m   ArabicAzerbaijani
Means "unique, precious", derived from Arabic فرد (farada) "to be unique"... [more]
FARIDA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FARID
FARIDOON   m   Iranian
Variant transcription of FEREYDOUN
FARIHA   f   Arabic
Means "happy" in Arabic.
FARIS   m   ArabicBosnian
Means "knight" in Arabic.
FARLEY   m   English (Rare)
From a surname which was originally from a place name meaning "fern clearing" in Old English... [more]
FARON   m   English
From a French surname which was derived from the Germanic given name Faro.
FAROOQ   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARUQ
FAROUK   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARUQ
FARQUHAR   m   IrishScottish
Anglicized form of FEARCHAR
FARRAH   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARAH
FARRAN   m   English (Rare)
From an English surname which was derived from Old French ferrant meaning "iron grey".
FARRELL   m   English
From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Fearghail meaning "descendent of FEARGHAL".
FARROKH   m   Iranian
Persian form of FARUQ
FARRUKH   m   PakistaniUrduUzbekTajik
Urdu, Uzbek and Tajik form of FARUQ
FARUQ   m   Arabic
Means "person who can tell right from wrong" in Arabic... [more]
FATEMAH   f   Iranian
Persian form of FATIMAH
FATHI   m   Arabic
Means "conqueror" in Arabic.
FATHIYYA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FATHI
FATİH   m   Turkish
Turkish form of FATHI
FÁTIMA   f   PortugueseSpanish
From the name of a town in Portugal, which is derived from the Arabic feminine name FATIMAH, apparently after a Moorish princess who converted to Christianity during the Reconquista... [more]
FATIMA   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FATIMAH
FATIMAH   f   Arabic
Means "to abstain" in Arabic... [more]
FATIN   f   Arabic
Means "charming, seductive, fascinating" in Arabic.
FATMA   f   ArabicTurkishAzerbaijani
Contracted form of FATIMAH
FATMIR   m   Albanian
Derived from Albanian fatmirë "lucky".
FATMIRE   f   Albanian
Feminine form of FATMIR
FATOŞ   f   Turkish
Turkish diminutive of FATMA
FAUNA   f   Roman Mythology
Feminine form of FAUNUS... [more]
FAUNUS   m   Roman Mythology
Possibly means "to befriend" from Latin... [more]
FAUST   m   Literature
From a German surname which was derived from the Latin name FAUSTUS... [more]
FAUSTA   f   ItalianAncient Roman
Feminine form of FAUSTUS
FAUSTINA   f   Ancient RomanItalian
Feminine form of Faustinus (see FAUSTINO).
FAUSTINE   f   French
French feminine form of Faustinus (see FAUSTINO).
FAUSTINO   m   SpanishItalianPortuguese
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese form of the Roman cognomen Faustinus, which was itself derived from the Roman name FAUSTUS...[more]
FAUSTINUS   m   Ancient Roman
Latin form of FAUSTINO
FAUSTO   m   ItalianSpanishPortuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of FAUSTUS
FAUSTUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen meaning "auspicious, lucky" in Latin... [more]
FAWN   f   English
From the English word fawn for a young deer.
FAWZI   m   Arabic
Means "triumph" in Arabic.
FAWZIYA   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAWZIYYA
FAWZIYYA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAWZI
FAY   f   English
Derived from Middle English faie meaning "fairy"... [more]
FAYE   f   English
Variant of FAY
FAYIZ   m   Arabic
Means "victor" in Arabic.
FAYRUZ   f   Arabic
Means "turquoise (the gemstone)" in Arabic, ultimately of Persian origin.
FAYSAL   m   Arabic
Means "a judge, arbiter" in Arabic.
FAYVEL   m   Yiddish
Variant transcription of FEIVEL
FAYZA   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAIZA
FAZL   m   Arabic
فضل (Fadl) - Variant transcription of FADL
FEARCHAR   m   IrishScottish
Means "dear man" from Gaelic fear "man" and char "dear".
FEARDORCHA   m   Irish
Means "dark man" from Gaelic fear "man" and dorcha "dark".
FEARGHAL   m   Irish
Means "man of valour", derived from the Gaelic elements fear "man" and gal "valour"... [more]
FEARGHAS   m   IrishScottishIrish Mythology
Means "man of vigour", derived from the Gaelic elements fear "man" and gus "vigour"... [more]
FEBE   f   DutchSpanishItalian
Dutch, Spanish and Italian form of PHOEBE
FECHÍN   m   Irish
Means "little raven" from Irish fiach "raven" combined with a diminutive suffix... [more]
FEDDE   m   Frisian
Short form of Frisian names beginning with the Germanic element frid "peace".
FEDELE   m   Italian
Italian form of FIDEL
FEDELM   f   Irish Mythology
Variant of FEIDELM
FEDELMA   f   Irish
Latinized form of FEIDELM
FEDELMID   m & f   Ancient IrishIrish Mythology
Variant of FEIDLIMID
FEDERICA   f   Italian
Italian feminine form of FREDERICK
FEDERICO   m   SpanishItalian
Spanish and Italian form of FREDERICK... [more]
FEDERIGO   m   Italian
Archaic Italian form of FREDERICK
FEDIR   m   Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of THEODORE
FEDLIMID   m & f   Ancient IrishIrish Mythology
Variant of FEIDLIMID
FEDOR   m   Russian
Variant of FYODOR
FEDORA   f   Russian
Russian form of THEODORA
FEDOT   m   Russian
Russian form of THEODOTUS
FEDYA   m   Russian
Diminutive of FYODOR
FEIBUSH   m   Yiddish
Yiddish form of PHOEBUS
FEICHÍN   m   Irish
Variant of FECHÍN
FEIDELM   f   Irish Mythology
Possibly a feminine form of FEIDLIMID... [more]
FEIDHELM   f   Irish
Variant of FEIDELM
FEIDHLIM   m   Irish
Variant of FEIDLIMID
Variant of FEIDLIMID
FEIDLIMID   m & f   Ancient IrishIrish Mythology
Possibly means "beauty" or "ever good" in Irish Gaelic... [more]
FEIGE   f   Yiddish
Variant transcription of FAIGA
FEIVEL   m   Yiddish
Diminutive of FEIBUSH
FELICE   m   Italian
Italian form of FELIX
FELÍCIA   f   HungarianPortuguese
Hungarian and Portuguese form of FELICIA
FELICIA   f   EnglishSpanishHungarianRomanianDutchSwedishLate Roman
Feminine form of the Latin name Felicius, a derivative of FELIX... [more]
FELICIANA   f   SpanishItalianLate Roman
Feminine form of Felicianus (see FELICIANO).
FELICIANO   m   ItalianSpanishPortuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of the Roman name Felicianus, which was itself derived from the Roman name FELIX.
FELICIANUS   m   Late Roman
Original Latin form of FELICIANO
FELICIDAD   f   Spanish
Spanish form of FELICITAS (1)... [more]
FELICIDADE   f   Portuguese
Portuguese form of FELICITAS (1)... [more]
FÉLICIE   f   French
French form of FELICIA
FELICIE   f   German
German form of FELICIA
FÉLICIEN   m   French
French form of Felicianus (see FELICIANO).
FÉLICIENNE   f   French
French feminine form of Felicianus (see FELICIANO).
FELÌCITA   f   Italian
Italian form of FELICITAS (1)... [more]
FELICITÁS   f   Hungarian
Hungarian form of FELICITAS (1)
FELICITAS (1)   f   GermanLate Roman
Late Latin name which meant "good luck, fortune"... [more]
FELICITAS (2)   f   Roman Mythology
Means "good luck, fortune" in Latin... [more]
FÉLICITÉ   f   French
French form of FELICITAS (1)
FELICITY   f   English
From the English word felicity meaning "happiness", which ultimately derives from Latin felicitas "good luck"... [more]
FELICIUS   m   Late Roman
Masculine form of FELICIA... [more]
FELICJA   f   Polish
Polish form of FELICIA
FELICJAN   m   Polish
Polish form of Felicianus (see FELICIANO).
FELICYTA   f   Polish
Polish form of FELICITAS (1)
FELIKS   m   RussianSlovenePolish
Russian, Slovene and Polish form of FELIX
FELIM   m   Irish
Anglicized form of FEIDHLIM
FELINA   f   Late Roman
Feminine form of FELINUS
FELINE   f   Dutch
Dutch feminine form of FELINUS
FELINUS   m   Late Roman
Late Latin name meaning "cat-like"... [more]
FELIP   m   Catalan
Catalan form of PHILIP
FELIPA   f   Spanish
Spanish feminine form of PHILIP
FELIPE   m   SpanishPortuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese form of PHILIP
FELIPINHO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese diminutive of FELIPE
FELIU   m   Catalan
Catalan form of FELIX
FÉLIX   m   FrenchSpanishPortuguese
French, Spanish and Portuguese form of FELIX
FELIX   m   GermanDutchSwedishNorwegianDanishEnglishRomanianAncient RomanBiblicalBiblical Latin
From a Roman cognomen meaning "lucky, successful" in Latin... [more]
FELIZITAS   f   German
German variant of FELICITAS (1)
FEMI   m   Western AfricanYoruba
Short form of OLUFEMI
FEMIE   f   English (Rare)
Diminutive of EUPHEMIA
FEMKE   f   DutchFrisian
Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace"... [more]
FEMME   m   DutchFrisian
Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".
FEN (1)   f   Chinese
Means "fragrance" in Chinese.
FEN (2)   m   Frisian
Diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element frid "peace".
FENELLA   f   Scottish
Anglicized form of FIONNUALA
FENNA   f   DutchFrisian
Feminine form of FEN (2)
FENTON   m   English
From a surname which was originally taken from a place name meaning "marsh town" in Old English.
FEODOR   m   Russian
Variant of FYODOR
FEODORA   f   Russian
Russian form of THEODORA
FEODOSIY   m   Russian
Russian form of THEODOSIUS
FEOFAN   m   Russian
Russian form of THEOPHANES
FEOFIL   m   Russian
Russian form of THEOPHILUS
FEOFILAKT   m   Russian
Russian form of THEOPHYLAKTOS
FERAPONT   m   Russian
Russian form of THERAPON
FERAY   f   Turkish
Means "radiance of the moon" in Turkish.
FERDI   m   GermanDutch
Short form of FERDINAND
FERDIE   m   English
Diminutive of FERDINAND
FERDINÁND   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of FERDINAND
FERDINAND   m   GermanFrenchDutchEnglishCzechSloveneFinnishAncient Germanic
From Ferdinando, the old Spanish form of a Germanic name composed of the elements farði "journey" and nanð "daring, brave"...[more]
FERDINANDA   f   ItalianGerman
Feminine form of FERDINAND
FERDINANDO   m   Italian
Italian form of FERDINAND
FERDY   m   English
Diminutive of FERDINAND
FERDYNAND   m   Polish
Polish form of FERDINAND
FERENC   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of FRANCIS
FERESHTEH   f   Iranian
Means "angel" in Persian.
FEREYDOON   m   Iranian
Variant transcription of FEREYDOUN
FEREYDOUN   m   IranianPersian Mythology
Means "the third" in Persian... [more]
FERGAL   m   Irish
Anglicized form of FEARGHAL
FERGIE   m & f   Scottish
Diminutive and feminine form of FERGUS
FERGUS   m   IrishScottishIrish Mythology
Anglicized form of FEARGHAS
FERI   m   Hungarian
Diminutive of FERENC
FERİDUN   m   Turkish
Turkish form of FEREYDOUN
FERİHA   f   Turkish
Means "merry woman" in Turkish.
FERİT   m   Turkish
Means "unique" in Turkish.
FERKÓ   m   Hungarian
Diminutive of FERENC
FERMÍN   m   Spanish
Spanish form of FIRMIN
FERMIN   m   Basque
Basque form of FIRMIN
FERMINTXO   m   Basque
Basque diminutive of FIRMIN
FERN   f   English
From the English word for the plant, ultimately from Old English fearn... [more]
FERNAND   m   French
French form of FERDINAND
FERNANDA   f   SpanishPortugueseItalian
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian feminine form of FERDINAND
FERNANDE   f   French
French feminine form of FERDINAND
FERNANDO   m   SpanishPortuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of FERDINAND
FERNÃO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of FERDINAND... [more]
FERNE   f   English
Variant of FERN
FEROZ   m   PakistaniUrdu
Urdu form of FIRUZ
FEROZE   m   PakistaniUrdu
Variant transcription of FEROZ
FERRAN   m   Catalan
Catalan form of FERDINAND
FERRER   m   Various
From a surname which meant "blacksmith" in Catalan... [more]
FERRUCCIO   m   Italian
Derived from the Late Latin name Ferrutius, a derivative of ferrum meaning "iron, sword"... [more]
FERRUTIUS   m   Late Roman
Latin form of FERRUCCIO
FERUZA   f   Uzbek
Uzbek form of FIRUZEH
FESTER   m   Low German
Low German short form of SILVESTER
FESTUS   m   Ancient RomanBiblical LatinBiblical
Roman cognomen which possibly meant "festival, holiday" in Latin... [more]
FFION   f   Welsh
Means "foxglove" in Welsh.
FFLUR   f   Welsh
Welsh form of FLORA
FFRAID   f   Welsh
Welsh form of BRIDGET
FFRANSIS   m   Welsh
Welsh form of FRANCIS
FIACHNA   m   Irish
Derived from Gaelic fiach meaning "raven"... [more]
FIACHRA   m   IrishIrish Mythology
Derived from Gaelic fiach meaning "raven"... [more]
FIACRE   m   French
French form of FIACHRA
FIAMMETTA   f   Italian
Derived from Italian fiamma "fire" combined with a diminutive suffix.
FİDAN   f   Turkish
Means "sapling" in Turkish.
FIDAN   f   Azerbaijani
Azerbaijani form of FİDAN
FIDDA   f   Arabic
Means "silver" in Arabic.
FIDEL   m   Spanish
From the Late Latin name Fidelis which meant "faithful"... [more]
FIDELA   f   Spanish
Feminine form of FIDEL
FIDELIA   f   Spanish (Rare)
Feminine form of FIDEL
FIDELIS   m   Late Roman
Original form of FIDEL
FIDELMA   f   Irish
Latinized form of FEIDELM... [more]
FIDO   m   Pet
Means "I am faithful" in Latin. This name is commonly given to dogs.
FIERA   f   Esperanto
Means "proud" in Esperanto.
FIETE   m   German
Diminutive of FRIEDRICH
FIFE   m   Scottish
From a Scottish place name which was formerly the name of a kingdom in Scotland... [more]
FIFI   f   French
Diminutive of JOSÉPHINE
FIGARO   m   Literature
Created by playwright Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais for the central character in his plays 'The Barber of Seville' (1775), 'The Marriage of Figaro' (1784) and 'The Guilty Mother' (1792)... [more]
FIHR   m   Arabic
Means "stone pestle" in Arabic... [more]
FİKRİ   m   Turkish
Turkish form of FIKRI
FIKRI   m   Arabic
Means "intellectual" in Arabic.
FİKRİYE   f   Turkish
Turkish form of FIKRIYYA
FIKRIYYA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FIKRI
FILAT   m   Russian
Short form of FEOFILAKT
FILBERT   m   ?
Variant of FILIBERT
FILIB   m   Scottish
Scottish form of PHILIP
FILIBERT   m   GermanDutchAncient Germanic
Means "much brightness" from the Germanic elements filu "much" and beraht "bright".
FILIBERTO   m   Italian
Italian form of FILIBERT
FILIMENA   f   Macedonian
Macedonian form of PHILOMENA
FILIPA   f   PortugueseSerbianCroatianPolish
Feminine form of PHILIP
FILIPE   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of PHILIP
FILIPINA   f   Polish
Polish feminine form of FILIP
FILIPP   m   Russian
Russian form of PHILIP
FILIPPA   f   RussianGreekSwedishItalian
Russian, Greek, Swedish and Italian feminine form of PHILIP
FILIPPO   m   Italian
Italian form of PHILIP
FILIPPOS   m   Greek
Greek form of PHILIP
FILIPPU   m   Old Church Slavic
Old Slavic form of PHILIP
FILIPPUS   m   Dutch
Official Dutch form of PHILIP, used on birth certificates but not commonly in daily life.
FILIPS   m   Latvian
Latvian form of PHILIP
FİLİZ   f   Turkish
Means "sprout, shoot" in Turkish.
FILLIN   m   Irish
Anglicized form of FAOLÁN
FILOMENA   f   ItalianSpanishPortugueseDutch
Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch form of PHILOMENA
FIMA   m   Russian
Diminutive of YEFIM
FINA   f   Italian
Short form of SERAFINA... [more]
FINBAR   m   Irish
FINBARR   m   Irish
FINDLAY   m   Scottish
From a Scottish surname which was derived from the given name FIONNLAGH.
FINEES   m   Biblical Latin
Form of PHINEHAS used in the Latin Old Testament.
FINELLA   f   Scottish
Anglicized form of FIONNUALA
FINGAL   m   Scottish
From Scottish Gaelic Fionnghall meaning "white stranger", derived from fionn "white, fair" and gall "stranger"... [more]
FINGALL   m   Scottish
Variant of FINGAL
FINKA   f   Croatian
Diminutive of JOZEFINA
FINLAY   m   IrishScottishEnglish
Anglicized form of FIONNLAGH
FINLEY   m & f   IrishScottishEnglish
Anglicized form of FIONNLAGH
FINN (1)   m   Irish MythologyIrish
Older Irish form of FIONN...